M.C. Haiku

Backwards think I talk.

Notice seems to but no one

I and me, myself.

Everyone talks and
(I talk to myself and me)
keeps on talking

I cry all the time
For shrinking bellies and seas
And those reading these

Lightning flash photo
captures here and now to keep
the luminous life.

Shrimp crunch like fingers.
Ground beef is raw human brains.

Floating sky islands
sail high seas too far to reach.

Conversation flight,
like when the wind is with us
en route, to and from.

Blackened bare feet,
dyed dirty with places seen
that never wash clean.

Insomniac moon,
Silver cyclops wide awake.
Winks but one night’s rest.

You might be crazy
If you think the moon is cheese.
You might be happy.

Orange firework
Pavement scatters ash glow
Cigarette spangle