M.C. Haiku

Backwards think I talk.

Notice seems to but no one

I and me, myself.

I should plant a tree
to replace all that I waste:
Paper. Plastic. Me.

Genius isn’t born
In most cases it is bought
By fears and dark thought

Everyone talks and
(I talk to myself and me)
keeps on talking

Changing the channel
Or my shirt is much too much
Here’s indifference

I cry all the time
For shrinking bellies and seas
And those reading these

Barbecued resin.
Acetaminophen mints.
Cigarette dessert.

Lightning flash photo
captures here and now to keep
the luminous life.

Shrimp crunch like fingers.
Ground beef is raw human brains.

Floating sky islands
sail high seas too far to reach.

Conversation flight,
like when the wind is with us
en route, to and from.